Our products

Olcese’s yarns and production cycles are 100% Made in Italy and are able to meet the customer’s most demanding requirements in terms of quality and innovation.

Olcese’s yarn production includes:

Mélange cotton combed yarns with a count from Ne 16/1 (Nm 1/28) to Ne 136/1 (Nm 1/232). These are also available as twisted or twisted and gassed yarns.

Cotton combed yarns - twisted and gassed or twisted, gassed and mercerised - with a count from Ne 18/2 (Nm 2/30) to Ne 120/2 (Nm 2/200), available both in solid and mélange colours.
Cotonificio Olcese
is one of the two companies which work with the registered brand Filoscozia® and can, therefore, provide the original numbered labels for its fabrics and garments.

Blends available in solid colours or mélange colours, such as cotton/cashmere, cotton/linen, cotton/silk, cotton/modal®...

Cotton combed dyed yarns or blends dyed yarns.

Some of these yarns are available in stock, while others are tailor-made.

Our yarns are delivered to the main manufacturing companies which produce knitted and woven fabrics in Italy and worldwide.